Resogun Is Getting A New Life On Vita, Details Coming Soon

Housemarque are the developer of the brilliant shooter Resogun, which launched on the PS4 last year. It was one of the best reviewed launch title on the PS4 and it seems like we are going to see a native port of Resogun on the PS Vita soon.

In a blog comment posted on the official PlayStation Europe blog, PlayStation Community Manager James Hawkins confirmed that Resogun is indeed coming to the PS Vita.

Keep watching this space, the VITA version is coming and is looking, sounding and most importantly, playing great!

While details about the game are still under wraps, we are expected to hear about it soon.

Back during the launch of PlayStation 4, we conducted an interview with Housemarque and asked them for a possible Vita version of Resogun. Housemarque certainly had an interesting response to the question. While they didn’t deny it, they questioned whether it will still be called “Resogun”.

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