Resogun PS4 Pro Update 1.10 Is Live, Adds Native 4K And HDR Support

Housemarque has released a brand new update for Resogun on the PS4. This update aims to add support for the PS4 Pro which is a nice gesture from them considering it was a launch game for PS4.

Resogun is a side scrolling shoot-em up game from Housemarque, who are well known for their work on the Super Stardust and Dead Nation. It was a launch game for PS4 and it was also available free of cost for those who had a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Resogun PS4 Pro patch adds native 4K support along with HDR. The update can now be downloaded on the PS4 and will work on the PS4 Pro. You can also download this latest patch from PlayStation Network by manually checking for updates and this will update the game to version 1.10.

Let us know if you have managed to notice any improvements in this new update in the comments below.

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