Respawn Dev: DX12 Not Necessary For Optimizing TitanFall On The Xbox One; Working On Performance Fixes

Respawn Entertainment have just released a brand new patch for TitanFall on the Xbox One. According to Jon Shiring, Progammer at Respawn Entertainment, this patch doesn’t have any performance fixes, although it is currently being worked on.

He also explained that while they haven’t really worked with DirectX 12, it is not necessary for optimizing the Xbox One version of the game.

TitanFall on the Xbox One currently runs at 792p resolution for 60 fps gameplay. Respawn has plans to increase this resolution to 900p, if possible. Along with the lower resolution, TitanFall also suffers from some poor optimization, resulting in screen tearing and frame rate dips throughout the game. All of this is currently being worked on, and will be hopefully fixed in an upcoming patch.

TitanFall on the Xbox 360 was a port done by Bluepoint Games, and it is a extremely well done port. Respawn’s Jon Shiring was also pleasantly surprised by Bluepoint’s effort, and he praised it on Twitter. He also explained that while Respawn had no part in the development of the port, they did help Bluepoint Games with “asset optimization.”

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