Respawn Reveals The Six New Titans Of Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer showcasing all six of the new Titans that are set to make an appearance in Titanfall 2.

First up is Legion, a front line unit focused on defense and control. It’s primary weapon is the Predator Cannon, a powerful minigun that can switch between both Close Range and Long Range ammunition, as well as deploy a protective shield. Legion’s Core ability is the Smart Core, which allows the Predator Cannon to automatically lock on to targets in range.

Next up is Ronin, a hit and run specialist that specializes in dealing damage in short bursts, yet does not have the capacity to withstand much itself. It’s primary weapon is the Leadwall Shotgun, a powerful shotgun that has ricocheting ammunition. It can use it’s sword to not only block indefinitely, but also create electric waves that damage and slow enemies that are hit by it. Ronin’s Core ability is the Sword Core, which buffs his melee and sword abilities, and gives it access to new sword attacks.

Northstar is a sniper that focuses on flight and precision kills, and can also use traps to keep enemies pinned down. Its primary weapon is the Plasma Railgun, a powerful Sniper railgun that can charge up while zoomed in. It can also utilize a Vertical take-off hover as well as the Cluster Missile that creates sustained explosions on impact. Northstar’s Core ability is the Flight Core, that allows it to Hover while unleashing rockets at enemies down below.



Ion is focused on diverting power, laser focus, and energy management, as this this titan can divert power between three different weapons systems. Its primary weapon is the Splitter Rifle, a Rapid single-fire energy rifle with the ability to switch to 3 shots at once while zoomed in. It also utilizes the shoulder mounted Laser Shot and the Vortex Shield that can absorb incoming fire and send it back to the enemy. Ion’s Core ability is the Laser Core, a powerful laser fired form the chest of the titan that can deal massive damage.

Scorch is a titan that uses fire as the primary source of it’s defense and offense. Its primary weapon is the T-203 Thermite Launcher, which fires single shot thermite projectiles that set fire to anything within range. It can fire a directed wall of thermite in the enemies direction as well as use the Thermal Shield to block incoming projectiles while dealing damage to enemies. Scorch’s Core ability is the Flame Core, an attack that creates a giant wave of fire that destroys anything in its path.

Titanfall 2

The final titan is Tone, which uses explosive power to defeat enemies. It’s primary weapon is the Tracker 40mm, a tracker cannon that shoots semi automatic explosive rounds after a partial lock on has been acquired. It can also use Tracker Rockets to Fires missiles at enemies after full lock on has been acquired, as well create a defensive barrier that it can shoot through. Tone’s Core ability is the Salvo Core, which fires a barrage of rockets that can be guided in flight and will prioritize any locked target Tone looks at.

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Titanfall 2 is slated for release on 28th October, 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. The game also recently had an Open Multiplayer Tech Test these past few weeks.

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