Retailer GAME UK Encourage People To Pay For A Demo Trial For PSVR

Paying to play something at a retailer store sounds rather unusual, but GAME UK has come up with a new plan to charge people who want to try out Sony’s new Virtual Reality Headset. The announcements were made a couple of days ago, and not a lot of people have taken this news well.

“Not only do we have our in store PSVR experience starting up today we also have stock available! £5 for 10 minutes, £15 for 30 mins.” stated by GAME Westwood on Twitter yesterday.

“Fancy playing PlayStationVR? Well pop into store where you can book a spot to play VR !! Ask staff for details GAMEVR” said GAME Swindon on Twitter.

“Thinking about purchasing PSVR? Come and try it in store today! £5 for 10 minutes or £15 for 30 minutes!” said GAME Bromley on Twitter.



The stores offer to refund this amount in case somebody decides to buy the PSVR headset. What seems unusual about the whole arrangement is that GAME UK is encouraging people to use the headset for a little while, rather than persuading them to buy it.

Some have openly criticized the whole idea, calling it a rip-off and a way to earn money when the headsets aren’t actually selling. Others are trying to convince people to not support GAME UK’s scheme as it is immoral for retailers and companies to make customers pay, just to prove how amazing their product is.


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