Retailer lists The Bioshock Collection for PS4 & Xbox One

A South African retailer, Raru, has listed a product page for a PS4 and Xbox One title by the name ‘The Bioshock Collection’. According to the product listing, the title is scheduled to hit stores this November.

A screenshot of the title’s product page on Raru can be seen below.

Whether the listing is accurate or not is anyone’s guess. Though, with all sorts of remasters showing up lately, we certainly believe that both Bioshock classics could do well with the same treatment. Given the fact that there may never be any future Bioshock titles, it’s all the more reason for the current-generation of console gamers to be granted the chance to explore both Rapture and Columbia.

The obvious improvements would probably include a native resolution of 1080p and a target frame rate of 60fps. The studio handling this remaster may also include the DX11 features found in the PC version of the game.


This is all speculation for now, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted if such a remaster does get announced in the near future. Until then, let us know if you would be interested in picking up The Bioshock Collection this Fall in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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