Riders Of The Rustlands DLC Now Available

The ‘Riders of the Rustlands’ DLC pack is now available for Trials Fusion. This pack is first of the six planned DLCs for the game. According to Creative Director Antti llvessuo, this map pack ignores the futuristic look of the original game and pursues an apocalyptical wasteland theme; challenging riders with level layouts made up of makeshift metal platforms and rusty abandoned structures. Antti goes on saying that the DLC will feature, “groups of scraggly bikers who are not fit for the city” keeping themselves busy by “scavenging for motorcycle parts and pulling off amazing Trials tricks.”


The pack will include 18 new track challenges and a total of 10 new tracks, the tracks are comprised of 6 classic tracks, 2 super cross and 1 Skill and FMX track. The challenges will include ‘a game show against penguins’ which sounds amazing, new items will be added to the track editor as well.

Antii revealed that they have a number of free updates planned for the future, which will hint as to what to expect from the remaining five DLC packs. Riders of the Rustlands will set you back US$4.99 if you haven’t bought the season pass, the season pass is available for purchase costing $20.

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