The Rise of Gaming Industry: Gabe Newell

The 21st century is indeed a modern era of the gaming industry. Throughout this whole scenario, the development of gaming industry was an eye-catching moment for everyone. The world of computer games has never appreciated the greatness it does today and it has turned into an evident piece of human society. Regardless of what way you take a gander at it, be it monetarily, rationally or financially, gaming has turned into a solid industry that is taking the world by tempest.

There are some really dedicated people in the gaming industry who devoted their lives for the development and advancement of the gaming industry. One of them is Gabe Newell.


Gabe Newell is without a doubt a standout among the most powerful individuals in the current gaming industry. He is a man so generally adulated and appreciated that numerous gamers overall allude to him as “Our Lord and Savior”.

Newell’s story begins in 1996 when he and different individuals from Microsoft left to frame the Valve Corporation. Amid their time at Microsoft, they had figure out how to procure a fairly solid aggregate of cash that was utilized to support the advancement of their first title, Half-Life.

Half-Life was generally adulated as a gaming perfect work of art, accepting more than 50 Game of the Year honors from a wide exhibit of respectable computer game productions. IGN depicted Half-Life as a standout among the most powerful first-individual shooters ever.

Valve and Newell’s next commitment to the world of gaming was the arrival of Steam in 2003, an online conveyance stage for PC games. Steam changed the way individuals obtained computer games by making it accessible in the computerized space. One no more needed to go to the closest game retailer to purchase a printed copy however could now buy and download a PC amusement from the solace of their home.

In 2011 Valve announced The International, a DotA 2 eSports tournament that offered a prize of US$1-million to the winner. Later on this year, in 2015 with the revolutionary development in the gaming industry, The International 5 became the biggest tournament in the history of eSports with a remarkable prize pool of ~US$18-million. The prize pool was about 11 times more than the The International 1. Different players and teams throughout the world competed at the stage of Ti5 which was held at Key Arena, Seattle.

The international 5 Grand Final

At that time eSports wasn’t close by anyone’s standards to the overall marvel it is today and offering such a luxurious sum for winning a diversion competition was totally unfathomable. Newell said it was Valve’s method for saying thank you to the DotA group and their devotion to the amusement and was a move that started the ascent of eSports around the world.

The upcoming years for gaming industry will prove the presence of great personalities like Gabe Newell, Hideo Kojima and Rhianna Pratchett. They all devoted their lives for the excellent advancement and expansion of the gaming industry.

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