Destiny: Rise of Iron trailer revealed, brings back Gjallarhorn

Following Bungie’s livestream on Twitch today, the official confirmation of the Rise of Iron expansion has been announced. Players will be introduced to a new story, where Lord Saladdin looks to take on the return of the Fallen, but with a twist. Fallen Mutants perhaps? Along with the story, players will be able to access a new area on Earth, a new raid, new gear, an increase in the max light level, new crucible maps, and more. It also welcomes the return of a weapon many hardcore players will remember: The Gjallarhorn.

Here is the official trailer:

It looks pretty neat! Furthermore, Bungie also announced that they would be bringing back the Gjallarhorn! Its a pretty big deal, because during Year One, it was the preferred weapon of choice during the early stages of the game, back when it was massively overpowered. Following the Taken King’s release last year, the Gjallarhorn didn’t receive many upgrades, meaning it was still in the game, but left behind in favour of Year Two’s gear.

Here’s the trailer for the Gjallarhorn below:

All Rise of Iron expansion players will be able to obtain the returning Gjallarhorn, but those who pre-order the expansion will gain access to the limited edition black and silver model of the weapon, known as the ‘Iron Gjallarhorn.’ Through a quest, players will be able to forge the rocket launcher that requires players to assemble the weapon out of the armor of fallen heroes.


The only downside, however, is that during the announcement, Bungie did reveal that the Rise of Iron expansion would NOT be coming to the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. It will be available for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox on on the 20th of September, 2016.

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