Destiny: Rise of Iron – Legendary Engrams Decoding Explained For Light Level 350

Destiny: Rise of Iron is out today for the PS4 and Xbox One. This is the first major expansion for Year 3 Destiny and it adds a whole set of content to the base game.

If you have purchase Rise of Iron and managed to level up to the highest light level, which is light level 350, then you might be noticing a strange ‘glitch’ with the Legendary Engrams that can be decoded through the Cryptarch. You will notice that your decoded items will only cap out at Light Level 350 or 351, so it is a tiny +1 increase for the Legendary Engrams.

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There is a huge thread over at reddit which goes through this issue and it was later clarified by Cozmo, who is community manager at Bungie, that it is not a bug but an intentional design choice. Here is how he explains the Light Level 350 decoding.

“As stated in the Patch Notes once you hit 350 Light you are going to have a 50% chance to get +1 Light items. So you are right, it’s not optimal to sit at the Cryptarch solely decrypting Engrams. I talked with the Designers and they wanted to find a balance between letting you progress using your stored up Engrams, while also encouraging you to go play Activities to earn better gear. Go run some Strikes, play Supremacy, and check out Archon’s Forge to increase your Light.”


So there you go. It is not a bug in the game that all the Engrams that can be decoded after hitting Light Level 350 are not getting a significant boost in stats, instead it is just an intentional design choice from the developers.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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