Rocket League Dev On Why 4K Patch Will Take Time: “Xbox One X Support Is Complicated”

Rocket League will get an update for the Xbox One X but it is going to take a while before a patch is released. Recently, the game director of Rocket League, Corey Davis explained the reason behind the late 4K update for the Xbox One X.

On the Rocket League subreddit, when one user complained about the late update for Xbox One X support, Corey talked in detail about the real reason why the patch is releasing so late.

Xbox One X support is a complicated one because it requires a lot of updates AND the benefit is less clear cut. To enable it, we have to do a full XDK upgrade (Microsoft’s development layer that Xbox games are built on top of) which changed and removed lots of multiplayer functionality we rely on for Parties and other functionality. So it’s a big job beyond just the actual 4k rendering/etc. updates.

The game already runs better on the X due to the improved hardware inside, so the main benefit is that 4K support. And we had to make some tough choices about how much 4k in Rocket League was worth compared to our other priorities – Tournaments, etc.

We’re still committed to delivering Xbox One X support but that’s the summary of how we got here.

Basically it boils down to the other functional updates taking priority for the developers since they want to keep the game in working condition for the Tournaments that also feature it being played on the Xbox One. They can now release patches for the game that add new features but to offer full support of the Xbox One X hardware, they will have to utilize XDK upgrade which will require them to change lot of the functionality that is needed for multiplayer.

Rocket League is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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