Rocket League Free DLC “Hoops” Gets A Release Date And Trailer

Psyonix has revealed the release date for the upcoming “Hoops” update for Rocket League. This update will add a basket ball type mode to Rocket League, which has featured Soccer and Ice Hockey before the addition of this new mode.

Psyonix has also released a brand new video which shows this new mode in action in Rocket League. This mode will be included with an update that is set to release on April 26th. You can check out this video below.

In addition to this new update, Psyonix will also add some new cross-promotional DLC to the game featuring Cars based on other games like Goat Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator.

rocket-league-hoops-dlc (1) rocket-league-hoops-dlc (2) rocket-league-hoops-dlc (3)

Rocket League is an indie game that has proven to be a smash hit worldwide. The game originally launched for the PS4 and PC and was later ported to the Xbox One. It is also the first game that will offer cross-platform play between Xbox One, PS4 and PC once it is implemented by Microsoft and Sony.

Rocket League developer Psyonix is also adding new premium flags to the game. This NBA Flag Pack can be bought for $1.99 USD and gives the player access to all the 30 NBA team flags. They can be used as the flag of the car in the game.

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