Rocket League PS4 Pro 4K Patch Is Terrible, Offers No Supersampling; Comparison Inside

Rocket League has been recently updated to add support for 4K rendering on the PS4 Pro. Unfortunately as it stands, this is a pretty barebone PS4 Pro patch for the game and the major issue with the image quality, which are the jaggies/aliasing, still remain, even if we play the game on a 4K TV.

As a big fan of Rocket League, I was excited to hear that the game will support the PS4 Pro with 4K rendering in a new patch. This patch was released today as we have covered here and the patch notes confirm support for ‘4K rendering’ on the PS4 Pro.

When some of the PS4 Pro supported games run on a 1080p TV, they get supersampling effect since they are essentially downsampling the game running at a higher resolution. This doesn’t appear to be the case for Rocket League, and to make matters worse, the aliasing at 4K rendering isn’t improved by any means either.

It is quite strange to see this result, and it looks like the patch could be half-baked. The developers have confirmed that Sueprsampling won’t be a part of this patch so perhaps there is hope of a potential update in the future that can add Supersampling to the game, which might help eliminate some of the jaggies/aliasing from the game.

Rocket League is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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