Rocket League PS4 vs. Nintendo Switch Comparison: Ultimate Sacrifice For Portability

Rocket League is out now on the Nintendo Switch. We are currently working on our review for it but as you wait, we have decided to do a quick comparison of the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 version to see what kind of sacrifice the developers had to make in order to get the game running at 60 fps.

Rocket League on the PS4 runs mostly the same as the PC version aside from the aliasing and minor tweaks to the visuals. It also manages to retain its 60 fps target for the most part although there are occasional frame rate drops in certain maps. The game essentially runs at native 1080p with 60 fps majority of the time.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is an interesting case. In the pursuit of 60 fps, the developers had to sacrifice a lot of the visuals to make the game run on the Nintendo Switch hardware, however I can safely say that they made the right move because 60 fps is essential in enjoying the game.

The comparison demonstrates the visuals drawbacks between the Nintendo Switch and the PS4 version. The PS4 screenshots were taken from a PS4 Pro rendered at 4K but downsampled to 1080p although there are no visual improvements for the PS4 Pro aside from the higher resolution.

The Nintendo Switch version of the game runs at a dynamic resolution when undocked in portable mode which can go sub 720p depending on the visuals. It runs at 720p in docked mode and as a result, looks pixelated next to the PS4. The Switch version also misses out on some of the more eye pleasing effects like Screen Space Reflections, Draw Distance and Texture Quality is also lowered down resulting in a smudge looking ground. However it plays wonderfully in portable and docked mode, atleast from what I have tested so far, and has almost every important feature and gameplay mode included with it.

Rocket League is available now for the Nintendo Switch and can be bought for $19.99. It was ported to the Nintendo Switch by developer Panic Button who have also worked on DOOM port for the Switch.

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