Rocket League Reaches 18 Million Players Milestone Across PS4, Xbox One and PC

Rocket League developer Psyonix has revealed on Twitter that they have achieved a new record with their players count, reaching up to 18 million players across the PS4, PC and Xbox One. This news was shared by the official Twitter account.

Rocket League has been a remarkable success for Psyonix Studios, who have continued to remain an independent studio despite their major breakout success with the game. The game has managed to achieve crazy dedication and community reach because of its wacky but extremely fun gameplay. It is even being considered as an E-Sports game and has a dedicated fanbase throughout the world.

Rocket League originally launched as a PS Plus game for the PS4 and that was followed by a release to PC. It didn’t make its way to the Xbox One until early this year and has proven to be a major success there as well. If we count the free PS Plus downloads along with the PC and Xbox One sales, the game has a remarkable consistent sales pattern across these platforms, perhaps due to the good word of mouth.

rocket-league-back-future (2)

Rocket League not only includes online multiplayer, it also feature offline split-screen co-op, which makes it the ultimate party game among friends. Perhaps this is one of the reason why it has achieved such crazy success.

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