Rocket League Developer Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Psyonix’s highly popular physics based soccer game, Rocket League, turned a year old on July 7th. The gameplay is centered around two teams of rocked-propelled cars trying to score goals on a soccer field using boosters and high speed aerial maneuvers.

In celebration of the game turning a year old, the developers had a few things to say in a blog post. In the article, they thank the fanbase for their support and promise to continue to develop quality content for the game. But what’s more interesting is the list of statistics that was also present in the post, which you can check out below.


Rocket League launched back in July 7th, 2015 and became an instant hit with players. It now boasts over 18 million unique players as well as around an average of 1.1 million every day. It is also one of the few games that supports Cross-Platform play, with the PC being able to play with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The consoles cannot play with each other as of yet, though even that may follow suit depending on decisions made by both Microsoft and Sony.

Rocket League is also an officially sponsored eSport, having joined the Electronic Sports League soon after launch, and also retains a very high popularity on Twitch.

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