Rocket League’s New Update Fixes System Memory Issue On Xbox One

Rocket League is getting a new update exclusively on the Xbox One that is more of a hotfix. Here’s what fixed in this update.

Rocket League finally received its 4K update this month for the Xbox One X. This was followed by some small updates adding new content to the game. Today, Psyonix is releasing a small patch or hotfix for Rocket League that resolves one issue exclusive to the Xbox One version.

This update should be available to download starting today if you are one of the users who was facing game crashes or other weird system memory bugs, then this patch will fix these issues for you.

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Here is an official comment made by the developer on this new update that clarifies what is included in it for the Xbox One.

We’re releasing a small update for the Xbox One to address a system memory issue unique to the platform.

The developers have confirmed that they are not going to release another update today on other platforms. Since the holidays are approaching fast, it is likely going to be the last update of the year for Rocket League and Xbox One is the one receiving it.

Rocket League is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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