Rocket League’s Latest Patch Downgrades Visuals To Improve Resolution In Portable Mode

Rocket League has received a brand new update today for the Nintendo Switch. The patch notes mentioned improvement to the game’s resolution but they were worded in a way which hinted that this might be done at the expense of the visuals. Now that the update has been out for a while, a comparison between the unpatched and patched version of the game reveals that the resolution improvement is noticeable but the visuals are now pared back even further, and they were already a huge step down from the PS4 version of the game.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch plays well when it comes to the docked mode, although not without a hit to the resolution at the expense of keeping its 60 fps. The game runs at native 720p in docked mode and a dymainc sub-720p in portable mode, both run it at 60 fps. The new patch has now downgraded the portable mode even further but resolution is no longer a blurry mess. Although if you haven’t noticed it, the shadows have been removed along with object details that are pared back now.

ResetERA members shotgunbob04 and Jonneh have shared the two comparison images below which confirm the visual downgrade. (Top is unpatched, bottom is patched)

Rocket League was released last month with Nintendo Switch exclusive cars featuring a Mario/Luigi themed car and a Samus Battleship themed car. Both of these are available to anyone who purchases the game on the Nintendo Switch. You can also read our review of the game from here.

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