Rocket League’s Resolution Will Improve To 720p In Portable, 900p In Docked Mode On Nintendo Switch

Rocket League developer Psyonix has shared a new update on the support for the Nintendo Switch version of the game confirming some of the upgrades that they are planning for it. One major upgrade is for the resolution which will be bumped to 720p in portable mode from a dynamic resolution while the Docked mode resolution will also increase to 900p. Both of these upgrades are confirmed for the 60 FPS mode that previously used to run at a very low resolution on the Nintendo Switch.

Here is what the current and future target looks like for Rocket League when running the game in 60 FPS mode on the Nintendo Switch.


  • Current Target: 1024×576
  • Tournaments Update: 1280×720


  • Current Target: 1280×720 (720p)
  • Tournaments Update: 1664×936 (900p)

The update that is planned to go live on April 3 will add the choice of picking between either the Performance mode or Quality mode. One runs the game at a higher resolution but limits to 30 FPS while the other will run it at a lower resolution with 60 FPS.

The Performance setting is what you’re used to seeing on Switch already: 60fps across the board with dynamic resolution. If you’re more into detail and less about those extra frames, enabling ‘Quality’ will cap the fps at 30 and lock the resolution at 1920×1080 (docked) or 1280×720 (handheld). Quality Mode also enables several graphics features automatically, including Lens Flares, Light Shafts, Dynamic Shadows and Depth of Field.

Rocket League is available to play now on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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