Rock´N Racing Off Road DX Is Coming To PS4 Today

Rock´N Racing Off Road DX is set to release today on PS4. Having already been released on both Xbox One and WiiU, the game will make its debut on Sony’s console today.

Rock´N Racing Off Road DX has been developed by EnjoyUp Games and Unfinished Pixel, and published by EnjoyUp Games. The racing title received mixed reviews for its earlier release, but the dev hopes that this PS4 release might just turn things around.


This top down off road racing title will take you back to the 16 bit racing game era. With amazing gameplay and exciting races, crashes and jumps, you are in for a treat. Play across several modes; time trial, cup mode and a multi player mode that allows up to 8 players at a time. This is the perfect game to play with your friends.

Players have a wide variety of tracks to choose from, in this fun racing game. Also an online ranking table has been added to make the game more interesting. You can now compete with players across the globe by comparing your best times with them. The dev has also launched a trailer for the PS4 version. Watch it below:

Rock´N Racing Off Road DX is expected to cost you $7.99 when it officially arrives on PS4.


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