Rockstar announces Red Dead Online beta launch dates

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode for Red Dead Redemption 2, had its release dates for beta access announced today from Rockstar.

The beta dates will be staggered based on which version of Red Dead Redemption 2 players purchased, and when they started playing the game. The dates are as follows.

  • Nov. 27th 8:30 am EST for owners of the Ultimate Edition
  • Nov. 28th 8:30 am EST for anybody that played the game on the first day of launch
  • Nov. 29th 8:30 am EST for anybody that played in the first 3 days of launch
  • Nov. 30th 8:30 am EST for everybody

The beta will be primarily for stress testing and will be less of a demo, says Rockstar. They’re hoping to mitigate damage of what will be an enormous playerbase.

As for the content of Red Dead Online, Rockstar hasn’t been too clear on what players can expect. They’ve described custom characters and unique abilities to custom playstyles. Players will be able to hunt, fish, join Posses of up to eight players, and engage in gang fights with other players in PvP events. Rockstar said they’re looking to make Read Dead Online a dynamic and changing world that builds off of the narrative steps laid out by Red Dead Redemption‘s online mode.

Red Dead Online will be available for free on both Xbox and PS4. Sony will also have several timed-exclusive content releases for PS4 when Red Dead Online officially launches.

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