Rockstar Confirms Continuous Stream Of Updates For GTA Online

Rockstar Games, developer of Grand Theft Auto series and GTA Online, has confirmed that players will keep receiving new content weekly until Spring, 2017. These new weekly updates will include new modes, cars, and ‘free roam missions’.

Last week two new vehicles and sixth purchasable property were introduced. The players were rather pleased with the release of the Bikers DLC, and are now more excited by the rumor of the upcoming ‘Law and Order’ DLC. This new DLC which is likely to release in December, will allow the players to purchase police cars along with some other appealing modes.


Deadline, Kill Quota, and Lost vs Damned are the three new modes that will be offered to the players, along with various other additions made to the Bikers DLC.

Of these modes, Deadline will have a top-down view and some other confirmed content. Lost vs Damned, on the other hand, will be a battle between Angels and Demons that can be fought only during one specific time of the day.

In addition to the new to the ‘Law and Order’ DLC in December, there is likely to be a ‘Tron’ release update  as most suits and cars are reported to be of that theme. Unique outfits – one as expensive as $200k – and an exclusive vehicle will be available for purchase for players that use these modes.


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