Rockstar Games Reveals Yet Another Teaser Image

The internet went absolutely nuts yesterday when, out of absolutely nowhere, Rockstar Games revealed a brand new image that seemed to hint at an upcoming reveal for a Red Dead game. Now, the company has put out what seems to be official teaser art for the game, and the community has once again descended into absolute hysteria.

The image, seen below, shows seven figures walking away from a sunset. They are all clad in old western garb and are also visibly armed. The image has also led many to speculate that this new game might actually be a prequel, and follow Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston when he was still a member of Dutch’s Gang.


Just like before, the image is not only posted on the developer’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, but also on their Newswire website.

If there were still any fans who might have doubled that this was preparation for a Red Dead game announcement, then this image should finally put your minds at ease.

Rockstar Might Be Teasing A New Red Dead Redemption Game

Rockstar Games has again maintained complete silence and have refused to respond to any and all queries. The same tactic has now been maintained for two days straight, so all that’s left now is to see what they do tomorrow.

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