Rockstar Might Be Teasing A New Red Dead Redemption Game

It has been over six years since Red Dead Redemption first released on last gen platforms, and fans have been desperately awaiting a sequel ever since then. Now, Rockstar Games has taken to social media with just one simple image.

The image, seen below, is just a simple red picture with the Rockstar logo in it’s center. Whats actually gotten everyone in a frenzy is that the logo is very similar in style to the logo for Red Dead Redemption.


The image was not only posted on the developer’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, but also on their Newswire website. They have also changed their pictures on their social media handles to a variation of the same image, and even the loading screen on their website is now the same image.

Rumors of a Red Dead Redemption sequel have been circulating on the internet for quite some time now, with there even being an alleged leak of the game’s map back in April of this year.

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The developers have thus far maintained complete silence and have refused to respond, which can only mean that an official announcement is about to come soon, or maybe this might be another project altogether. All we can do now is wait.

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