Rocksteady apparently working on DC’s Arkham Universe, not Justice League [Rumor]

This is getting really confusing as according to this new rumor, Rocksteady is making another Batman game.

British developers Rocksteady Studios have been working on their new project for years now and fans have been looking forward to their next effort since Batman: Arkham Knight released back in 2015.

They were rumored to be working on a Superman game for a while, until recently it was suggested they were now working on a GaaS focused Justice League game.

Now a new rumor has popped up that claims that Rocksteady is working on a new Batman game in the same Arkhamverse as Asylum, City and Knight called DC’s Arkham Universe.

Below is the full rundown of the rumor.

Let me start off by saying that Rocksteady isn’t making that Harry Potter game. That’s Avalanche Software, WB’s new studio they purchased last year. To all those who were hoping that Rocksteady was moving on from the Arkhamverse and making a different type of DC game, I’m sorry, but they aren’t. There’s no Justice League or Superman game in development.
Rocksteady’s new multiplayer Batman game is scheduled to get announced at X018. Here’s everything I know:

  • Title: DC’s Arkham Universe
  • Release Date: Fall 2019
  • Current Gen: XB1/1X/PS4/PS4Pro/PC
  • Single player/Co-op/Multiplayer(specific modes)
  • Characters include the entire Batfamily: Batman, Robin(Tim), Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Red Hood
  • Gotham is about 1.5x the size of AK. Districts and neighborhoods have gone through complete overhaul.
  • Gotham is now a “living, breathing city”
  • Set Time of Day/Weather(Rain,Overcast,Snow)
  • There are random crimes such as car chases, bank robberies, muggings, and so forth.
  • Main Villain: Court of Owls
  • Story takes inspiration from the different Court of Owls storylines.
  • Every character is available in free roam.
  • Batman has a redesigned Batmobile(transport only) and the other characters have their cycles
  • Batcave serves as main hub for upgrades, character swaps, new missions, game modes
  • Game plays similar to past Arkham games, but there are new options for co-op: Dual takedowns in combat/stealth.
  • Stealth segments make you work together
  • Parkour has been expanded. Characters move a lot quicker and more fluid.
  • Main gadgets are the same except for a couple new additions.
  • New enemy types include Talons and Pilots(enemies that hover the battlefield, you have to either use a gadget or dual takedown to get them down)
  • Talons are the same as the ninja types from Arkham Knight. They can counter your counters and also have their own gadgets(knife, throwing knife)
  • Game takes place in the Arkhamverse, obviously
  • This is supposed to be Rocksteady’s true “last hoorah” of Batman games.

A lot to take in right?

First of all we know that Rocksteady isn’t making that leaked Harry Potter game, that’s being developed by Avalanche Software of Disney Infinity fame.

The reveal date of X018 sounds a bit too close as Rocksteady’s next project is rumored for a Q1 2019 announcement. Plus Warner Bros. announcing such a major title as Microsoft’s event would be out to the blue as historically they’ve leaned towards Playstation with exclusive DLC and reveals.

Everything else sounds “okay” I guess? Plus wasn’t Arkham Knight already the “last hoorah” of Batman games?

Here’s my personal take, I feel that Rocksteady really have had enough of the Batman series. They mentioned in several interviews that Knight was their last game and end to the trilogy, the game even ended that way. Having another game in the series would feel “cheap”.

If somehow this game does turn out to be real, it could be developed by Warner Bros. Montreal instead. They were known to be working on two cancelled Batman games, one featuring Damien Wayne and the other being a take on Batman Beyond from the old Tim Burton cartoon show.

What do you think of the rumor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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