Rocksteady Working On Fixing Frame Rate And Graphics Of Batman Arkham Knight On PC

Season Pass Of Batman Arkham Knight Will Include All Retailer Exclusive Content

Rocksteady Studios has listed the changes that they plan to implement for Batman Arkham Knight on PC. They have also released a small patch for PC users that aims to fix some of the bugs and crashes.

Rocksteady revealed their plans in a post on the official Batman Arkham Knight support website, and assured that they are “making good progress on improving performance” for the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight.

batman-arkham-knight-ps4 (4)

Check out the changes that they plan to implement in future patches below.

– Support for frame rates above 30FPS in the graphics settings menu
– Fix for low resolution texture bug
– Improve overall performance and framerate hitches
– Add more options to the graphics settings menu
– Improvements to hard drive streaming and hitches
– Address full screen rendering bug on gaming laptop
– Improvements to system memory and VRAM usage
– NVIDIA SLI bug fixes
– Enabling AMD Crossfire
– NVIDIA and AMD updated drivers

Batman Arkham Knight launched with a myriad of issues on the PC. The game’s quality was so bad that Warner Bros. Entertainment had to suspend the sales of the game on Steam until it was fixed.

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