Rocksteady’s Next Game Is About A Group of Superheroes, Will Have GaaS Element – Report

Rocksteady Studios’ next project remains a mystery, for now, however, the award-winning studio was in the highlights again after rumors of a Superman game.

Kotaku’s editor Jason Schrier has talked about the next project of Rocksteady Studios in a podcast. In this podcast, Jason shares some of the information that he has heard about the project.

You can find what Jason Schrier had to say about Rocksteady’s next project in a neat summary below, courtesy of ResetEra user Nirolak.

So, other rumors include what is Rocksteady working on? It feels like due time. It’s been 3 years since Arkham Knight. Everyone’s assuming that they’re going to make an announcement soon. The Game Awards seems like a good time.

Rocksteady is one of those companies where there have been so many rumors. It feels like every week there’s a new rumor, and they’re all bullshit.

So, I have heard what they’re working on. I don’t really want to spoil it just for the sake of spoiling it, but every single rumor I’ve heard just seems to be bullshit.

Like there are Superman rumors and Justice League rumors, and it just feels like those rumors are begetting other rumors. So like people on 4chan are just postings like “Oh, well, I’ve heard this so many times!”, and it just becomes like, accepted lore because if you see like four different iterations of the same Superman rumor, then it’s like “Oh, of course they’re making Superman.”

I mean, the thing I’ve heard is not Superman at all. I can’t 100% definitively say “No, they’re not doing a Superman game”, but I do not believe it.

I think what we’re going to see from them is a game about a group of superheroes, and it will be like a Games as a Service (GaaS) type thing.

The Game Awards are scheduled for early December so if Rocksteady Studios has a new game announcement, it might happen there since E3 is far away. In any case, it is interesting to see that they have a Games as a Service design for their next project, even if their job listings already hinted at it.

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