Rumor: Activision wanted to utilize the full Xbox One GPU power for Ghosts, Microsoft declined

According to Thuway, who has been pretty accurate with his prediction of Battlefield 4 resolution on Xbox One/PS4 along with Call of Duty: Ghosts resolution on Xbox One/PS4; Activision wanted to utilize extra 10% of GPU power that is allocated for Kinect use but Microsoft denied it saying “No it would result in the environment being too unstable.”

This latest revelation came from Thuway himself on twitter. This 10% GPU allocation for Kinect is pretty well known and Digital Foundry also talked about it recently in their article, written by Richard Leadbetter himself. In that article, Leadbetter talks about the 10% GPU allocation by default for Kinect, which means that Xbox One could theoretically only utilize about 90% of the GPU instead of full 100%. He also says that Microsoft is working on a method to utilize this 10% for games since it is reserved for Kinect and is used solely for it.

While it is not possible to utilize a GPU 100%, allocating a portion of it to Kinect use is definitely not a good thing. Even if it is just 10%, it matters a lot for consoles, who don’t have the option to get hardware upgrades every year.

Thuway talks about this in his latest set of tweets. First he says that the rumor came from a reliable source that he trusts 100% but there is no way to verify this claim

Then he talked about the actual subject matter that Activision wanted to utilize the full potential of Xbox One GPU but Microsoft denied this request saying “No it would result in the environment being too unstable.”

Thuway then talks about the on-going issues and says that things will get better after launch, which is expected since we know that Microsoft still isn’t ready with Xbox One yet but once they do, things can definitely improve and the console might have a much better parity for multiplatform titles.

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