Rumor: AMD’s Mantle API is a direct copy of Xbox One’s low level API

Anandtech speculates that AMD’s new Mantle API might be a direct copy of Xbox One’s low level Graphics API. Even though AMD hasn’t confirmed it yet, all the signs point to this being true.

AMD recently announced their new Mantle API. This API has been said to give AMD a significant advantage over their competitor Nvidia in terms of in-game performance. Anandtech speculates that AMD might be confident of this because their Mantle API is a direct copy of Xbox One’s  Graphics API allowing developers to directly port their games from Xbox One to PC. Since Mantle can use Direct3D high level shader language, Xbox One’s shader will be already coded in the first place so there is not much work involved in porting them to PC.

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What does this mean for the future? Are we going to see more Xbox One games being ported to PC? Does this also apply to PlayStation 4 or is it related to Xbox One and AMD instead decided to use the term “next generation” consoles as to avoid singling out a console.

But one thing is for sure, AMD’s hardware can definitely leverage from this new API provided if all of this turns out to be true. The future looks exciting for PC gamers and with AMD revealing their next generation Graphics card, PC owners have also a lot to look forward to just like console owners are looking forward to buying their next consoles.

Update: Digital Foundry issues the exact opposite statement. According to Digital Foundry, the Mantle API appears to have much in common with PS4’s GNM API. Digital Foundry also says that their is a promise of 9x increase in draw calls from CPU, which are expensive to process but can benefit greatly from this API on PC. AMD can perhaps clarify whether Anandtech is correct or Digital Foundry.

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