Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V PC Release Date To Be Announced Tomorrow, Coming March 2014

According to a multiple sources, Grand Theft Auto V will finally get a PC release early next year. The actual release date will be announced tomorrow as well but it has been hinted as a March 2014 release.

The original info came from a German source on reddit, which posted about Grand Theft Auto V release announcement and release window. According to that source, the PC release date will be announced tomorrow while the actual game will be released on March 12th, 2014 in NA and March 14, 2014 in EU.

The other source was one Amazon employee, who also gave similar info to a user, when asked about a PC release.

Eurogamer had earlier leaked the news about Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC in early 2014. If these rumors are to be believed, the game might hit PC in March 2014. Guess we will know about the validity of this rumor soon enough.

Grand Theft Auto V is the leading contender in the Game Of The Year awards for this year. It has also sold extremely well and made tons of money for Rockstar. There is no official confirmation of a PC or Next Gen release yet.

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