Rumor: Guerrilla Games New PS4 IP Concept Image Leaks Online, Reveals Robot Dinosaurs

Guerrilla Games are currently working on a new IP on the PlayStation 4. Rumors point to it being an entirely new IP with a futuristic settings. It will also have a red-headed female protagonist and will feature robot dinosaurs. Now a piece of concept art has emerged which reveals the aforementioned rumored setting of the game.

This concept art was shared on a Chinese forum, where it was revealed that this project is codenamed Horizon. The concept image can be seen below.


This concept image does confirm the reports of the earlier rumors about the game (if this is legit). From what we heard, the game is going to be an open world action RPG with a red-headed female protagonist. We can see it in the concept image above. We can also see robot dinosaur and the concept seems to be set in a prehistoric settings.

What do you have to say to this leaked concept image? Let us know in the comments below.

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