The Last Of Us Left Behind DLC Release Date Revealed [Update]

According to the listing on the official PlayStation Store, the DLC for The Last Of Us might be coming sooner than we think.

The Last Of Us is finally get a new single player DLC in the form of a prequel, which stars Ellie and her friend and how they survive the Outbreak. The story that is being told in this DLC is the continuation of the comic book American Dreams.

While we don’t have a official confirmation for The Last Of Us DLC release date, a new listing on the PlayStation Store gives a possible date of February 14, 2014. While it could be just a placeholder date, it can also turn out to be the real deal as Naughty Dog themselves dropped the news that they will reveal the DLC date soon.


The listing also shows that the DLC will come with a brand new Dynamic theme for the PlayStation 3 and will also include a comic book, presumably the same American Dreams comic book whose story is also featured in this DLC.

PlayStation store had originally listed the game as a 31 March, 2014 release date which has now been changed to 14th February, 2014. This DLC is priced at a modest $15.

Update: DLC has now been officially confirmed by Naughty Dog.



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