Rumor: Not Many Surprise 2014 Releases For This Year At E3; Most E3 Reveals To Be Released In 2015

While we are all hoping for surprise announcements for new games scheduled for this year at E3, we should keep our expectations in check as it appears that most of the games that we are going to see at E3 won’t be released this year.

Before E3, there is always Judge’s Week, where companies invite other elite/senior journalists from popular magazines and websites to check out their E3 line-up. While they don’t really show them the full conference schedule and still keep most of the surprise, they do get to know more about their upcoming games lineup. To read more about Judge’s Week, you can check out this fantastic article on that from Edge Online.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gertsmann also attended this event for this year and according to him, most of the titles that he saw were slated for a 2015 release.

Industry Insider Thuway has echoed the same stating that game development requires time and for new consoles, it is not out of the ordinary to see most of the big ones taking their time to get released. He has asked the fans to keep their expectations in check for more 2014 releases.

Shinobi602, who has been credible with his info in the past, has hinted that Quantum Break – which was originally going to target a Fall 2014 release – now appears to be delayed to 2015. Similarly, it won’t be surprising to see games like The Order: 1886 slip to 2015 release, because its release date was never confirmed. Halo 5 is already confirmed for a Fall 2015 release, and there isn’t much to go on here regarding Xbox One, except for Sunset Overdrive and the rumored Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

We are definitely going to get plenty of surprises at this year’s E3. Just don’t expect to see them getting released this year.

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