Rumor: Microsoft To Reveal New Xbox One Hardware And Controller At E3 2016

Microsoft is going to announce a new Xbox One hardware and controller at their E3 2016 conference. This is according to a report by website Thurrott, who are known for their accurate leaks regarding Microsoft in the past.

The website received this new information from their contact inside Microsoft who revealed that a new Xbox One hardware and controller will be shown at E3 2016. This follows up with an earlier rumor stating that a Slim variant of the Xbox One console went into mass production in February 2016. According to their sources, the new controller will be similar in shape to the old one but will have a different color scheme.

Xbox One

In addition to the hardware and controller update, Microsoft is also planning to leverage the eco-system between Xbox One and Windows 10. They might share more of their plans at the upcoming E3 conference. They just recently announced that Windows 10 apps might be supported on Xbox One and the same holds true for some of the Xbox One exclusive who have made their way to Windows 10 including the recently released Quantum Break.

Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference is currently set for June 13th at 9:30 AM PST.

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