Rumor: New Xbox One Variant possibly outed via FCC

Rumors of a new Xbox One console (ala Xbox One slim) or even a completely new Xbox are in full swing right now and as we get nearer to E3 things could probably leak out.

As many of you know, the FCC regulates all devices that are able to use any type of wireless transmission technology. So Microsoft has possibly submitted the wireless chip of a new Xbox to the FCC for testing.


Two filings are currently available for viewing on the FCC website: 1682 and 1683. The applicant for the license has chosen to not reveal much information about the device publicly (like photos) as to not leak the announcement beforehand. The files under NDA will be revealed on June 25, so an announcement of a new console could be possible at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

Further details are covered in this NeoGAF thread.

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