Rumor: Ni no Kuni 2 Reportedly Being Developed For The PlayStation 4

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a JRPG title by Namco Bandai which was released on Nintendo DS and later on the PlayStation 3. Praised for its original roots in the JRPG genre along with mesmerizing music and great animations, Ni No Kuni was well received by the masses.

Apparently there is news that a new Ni No Kuni title is in the works for the PlayStation 4. This report comes from a famous industry insider who has a proven track record of being correct, thuway, who stated that along with several other JRPG titles, Ni No Kuni is also in the works for the PlayStation 4.


Thuway recently also saw Gran Turismo 7’s tech demo which was supposedly running on the PlayStation 4. A few days later came the news by the creator of Gran Turismo series that they don’t want to delay Gran Turismo 7 and it might come as early as next year.

Along with Ni No Kuni 2, some new Tales series games, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are also in the pipeline of JRPGs to be released for PlayStation 4, but we already knew about Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 don’t we? But do take the news with a pinch of salt and industry insiders are not industry officials and officials may change their policies or strategies.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the story develops.

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