Rumor: SCEE advert includes release calendar for future PS4 games

An SCEE advert containing a release calender for major forthcoming PS4 games has surfaced on the internet. The promotion gives a ‘TBA 2016’ tag to most of the titles on the calendar. Sony has been featuring this advert in various European magazines for a while now, so it would seem like there is some credibility to it.

The advert can be seen below.


The promotion includes titles like Persona 5, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Dreams, with ‘TBA 2016’ listed alongside each of them. While that may be true for Persona 5 and Dreams, it seems unlikely for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to be available next year, as Square Enix is known for delaying its titles. Though, we’d love to be proven wrong in this regard.

As for Persona 5,  Atlus has assured time and time again that the game will hit both Japan and the US in 2015. However, whether that’s true remains to be seen, as no concrete release date has been announced thus far. That said, the listing in SCEE’s advert seems to be specific to Europe, in which case it would make sense for it to be listed as a 2016 title.

Interestingly, Sean Murray’s procedurally generated space adventure, No Man’s Sky, has also been assigned the ‘TBA 2016’ tag in the advert. It does seem like this could also be true, given that a release window for the PS4/PC title has yet to be announced.

Whether any of this is actually accurate is anyone’s guess, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted in this regard. In the meanwhile, let us know what you think about the release calendar listed in the SCEE advert in the comments below.

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