Rumor: Sony To Make Two Game Announcements At E3 That Will Shock Old/New Gamers

E3 is getting closer each day and with just a few days left in E3, we are getting more and more leaks and info about the games that we can expect there.

It was earlier rumored that Sony will try a different format for this year’s E3, which turned out to be Sony’s E3 Stage conference being shown at various theaters around USA and Canada. We also got a leak about Sony Japan and From Software’s collaborative project codenamed Project Beast. This leak pointed to the game being released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and to be shown at the upcoming E3.


UCG is the biggest console game media in China, and they have heard from their source that Sony will have something exciting for this E3 (Translated)

Folks at UCG just have got some information about upcoming Sony announcement in E3. There was two title so great that made the junior/elder editors so thrilled! It’s unfortunately that we cannot disclose the detail. Once the embargo lift, we will share it in no time!!!

This information is rather vague but it also poses an interesting question on which game announcement can shock both the junior/elder editors at UCG? Are we going to see the return of some classic IP at E3?

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