Rumor: Sony Santa Monica’s Cancelled Project Might Be Their New IP

Sony Santa Monica was hit with a rather ‘huge’ set of layoffs earlier yesterday. About 50 people lost their job, among them, even veterans were not safe. Along with this news, we have also got a sort of confirmation that a project was cancelled as well. Now evidence suggests that this project might be a brand new IP, that was being worked on at Sony Santa Monica.


IGN reported that this also resulted in the cancellation of one project, that was in development at Sony Santa Monica. Now everyone might be wondering what this project actually was, but hints point to it being their long rumored new IP, which was supposedly a project under the direction of God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen.

The project cancellation was confirmed by one of the designer at Sony Santa Monica.


Rob Davis is senior designer at Sony Santa Monica, and he also changed his twitter profile and removed “Working on a new IP” from it. This all happened after the news of layoffs hit the web.


Other people that were affected with the layoffs include Adam Puhl (Design Director of GoW 2 and 3) and Jason De Heras (Senior Game Designer of GoW 3 and Ascension). Just like Rob Davis, Adam Puhl’s old twitter profile clearly mentioned him working on a new IP.


We don’t really expect Sony to explain the cancellation of any of their projects, that was never really shown to the public. We sure do hope that it doesn’t mean they don’t work on new ideas at all.

Our condolences goes to all the individuals who were affected by this recent set of layoffs. This was a rather grim news, especially after the same happened with Irrational Games, but on a much larger scale. Hopefully, they can find work soon enough.

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