Spanish Nintendo magazine claims Pokemon Switch to be Generation 8 [Rumor]

We’re all excited for Pokemon Switch which is going to be the first mainline Pokemon game headed to a Nintendo home console.

According to a Spanish ‘Official’ Nintendo Magazine, the game is going to be the series’ introduction to Generation 8.

So far we know very little about the game so rumors are in full swing, with many claiming Pokemon Switch to be a full reboot akin of Red and Blue. Others think that the game will be a Diamond and Pearl remake which is due but I personally think that’ll be released on the 3DS.

The magazine claims that the game will bring in Generation 8, with developers Game Freak working on aspects of the game that will surprise existing fans. The game is also expected to release in 2018 or later but we already know that for sure.

Pokémon Switch Generation 8 Starter Pokémon Reportedly Leaked

So what do you think of the rumor? Personally I think although this is an official Nintendo magazine, it’s more of a glorified third party advert with more speculation than an official confirmation. I could be wrong though, so let me know what you think in the comments.

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