Ryse downgrade officially confirmed by Crytek CEO

Earlier, it was reported that Ryse had faced a possible downgrade from 150k triangle count per character to 85k triangle count per character. Crytek’s CEO has confirmed this downgrade in a tweet adding that it was their own choice.

This confirmation came hot of the heels of the news that Ryse is not native 1080p and will run at 900p on Xbox One. Crytek CEO Yerli talked more about his game in an interview to VentureBeat. In this interview he said that they wanted to focus on a more cinematic experience for Ryse, bridging the gap between film and games. He also talks about the Triangle count per character which seems to have been downgraded from the earlier reported 150k to 85k.

You can see the original slide that showed the 150k triangle count below


This new slide shows that the Triangle count has been downgradedcrytek-ryse

Once the news of the downgrade got out, Yerli took it to the twitter to confirm that Ryse was indeed downgraded as they had a choice of choosing either 85k models with better shading and no LOD or 150k with LOD. they choose the former over the latter. Read the tweet below

Ryse is the first game from Crytek that is being developed on the CryEngine 3.5. It looks stunning for sure but news like this about it being downgraded are not a good sign. Does this mean we can expect Ryse in full 1080p with all high details on a PC or it will be a Xbox One exclusive?

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