RyujiNX Is First Nintendo Switch Emulator To Boot Commerical Games

Nintendo Switch emulation is still in experimental phase. The first emulator for the Nintendo Switch was teased by the developers who are behind CEMU, the Nintendo Wii U emulator. Although they haven’t shared any progress update for it, another competitor has popped up and has started to show promising development for the Switch emulation scene.

RyujiNX is the first emulator that can claim to have booted commercial games for the Nintendo Switch. This is an important step towards full Switch emulation however there is still a lot of time and fine tuning required before the emulation reaches a playable phase.

The two commercial games that can be booted on RyujiNX are Cave Story Plus and Puyo Puyo Tetris. You can watch both of them in the videos below.

Emulation is something that is kind of a two edged sword, but there is no doubt that with time, emulation can offer enhanced visuals and other choices like an improved frame rate for games that the original system struggles to runs properly. Some of the low resolution games can also benefit greatly from emulation so if the emulator is able to achieve its development smoothly, fans can expect to get a good looking version of their favorite games playable on it.

First Nintendo Switch Emulator Is In Experimental Phase Of Development

As it stands though, the emulator is purely experimental and a lot of work still needs to be done in order for it to work properly and with far more games than the current support.

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