Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on PC to be a possibility soon thanks to Ryujinx Switch Emulator

The super popular Nintendo Switch emulator Ryujinx is already booting up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out just today on the Nintendo Switch worldwide but apparently the team over had Ryujinx already got their hands on a copy of the game that they’ve been testing on their emulator. They announced on Twitter that they got Super Smash Bros Ultimate running.

Do note the game is in no way playable yet, but things are looking up considering how quickly they got the game started. In the olden days games would take months before they would become emulatable, but this shouldn’t take this long.

So far Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only goes into the Menus as shown in the screenshot above. The game also flickers often, so epilepsy suffering folks should stay away for now.

Progress is super quick for the emulator and we’re certainly impressed. Smash in [email protected] when?

Danial Arshad Khan

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