Saints Row The Third Struggles To Run Properly On Nintendo Switch

Saints Row The Third is one of the rare open-world shooters of its kind on the Nintendo Switch so it was always an interesting test case for a potential Grand Theft Auto V port. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run that well on the Nintendo Switch hardware as revealed by Digital Foundry.

In their video analysis for Saints Row The Third, Digital Foundry has shared insight on the frame rate, resolution, and other drawbacks of this new port. The resolution of the game seems to be fine but it is performance and overall visual quality that is a major drawback of this port. It runs at 720p in portable mode and 1080p in docked mode.

Saints Row The Third suffers from bad frame pacing on the Nintendo Switch. The performance is far from ideal since it runs at an unlocked frame rate and can drop even lower than the PS3 and Xbox 360 version which launches ages ago. The latency is also not good for this port which leads to more hurdles in controlling your character.

While this doesn’t sound good for now, keep in mind that Deep Silver is working on an update that will reportedly solve most of the issues that are plaguing the game during its launch week. This patch was supposed to drop on day one of launch but it was delayed by a whole week.

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