Is SAMSUNG Bringing A New Windows Phone To The Table?

Is SAMSUNG Bringing A New Windows Phone To The Table?

Even though Samsung was able to sell 40 million of their Galaxy S4 units in six months and over 10 million Galaxy Note 3 units in two months, the smartphone manufacturing behemoth still believes in targeting other lucrative potential operating systems besides Android.

Currently, the Windows Mobile market, which has a minute global market share (3Q 2013) of 3.6% is being dominated by Nokia’s formidable range of Lumia smartphones. However, all that might change tides considerably because Samsung is rumored to have intentions of jumping back in to the band wagon that sports the Windows Mobile operating system and just might end up releasing an offering of their own boasting the same operating system.

Several reports have been exhumed, and one of them has revealed that a brand new smartphone, carrying the codenamed SM W 750 V has ended up on Samsung’s website. This particular model indicates that this particular phone is equipped with some Windows Phone features, and a beautifully crisp 1080p display. However, the main question still remains that will Samsung be able to capitalize the Windows Mobile market as effectively as they have done with smartphones running the Android operating system?

Samsung, which currently has a 35% global market share for smartphones, will no doubt be looking to expand its reach to other operating systems, seeing as how analysts have predicted that the company’s global market share for smartphones will drop 13% in 2014. Coming back to the smartphone’s features, Windows Phone’s latest GDR3 update will allow videos of 1080p to be played on the device without any stuttering.

Samsung is the not the only smartphone vendor that will jump on to making smartphones for the Windows platform. Sony also having intentions to bring about smartphones that will feature the Windows Mobile operating system. After the iOS, the Windows Mobile operating system happens to be the most fluid mobile operating system out there.

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