Scalebound Announced For Windows 10, New Gameplay Footage Shown

Microsoft has announced another new game for their new Play Anywhere program, this time it is Platinum Games’ Scalebound that is heading to Xbox One and Windows 10. Since the game has multiplayer, this also confirms that it will be possibly to have cross-play between PC and Xbox One.

Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya reveals the multiplayer footage live on stage at the E3 2016 conference of Microsoft. We saw the players teaming up to battle a huge monster along with their dragon. You can check out the multiplayer reveal footage below.

Hideki Kamiya is laos the creator of the critical hit Bayonetta and the cult classic Devil May Cry series. It should be interesting to see how he tackles an action RPG approach for Scalebound but it does look really good so far with the prospect of having our own pet dragons and having co-op multiplayer.

Scalebound is an action RPG that is confirmed for Windows 10 and Xbox One and currently set for a release in 2017.

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