ScaleBound New Screens and Trailer

E3 2014 is Live at this moment, during the Ongoing Microsoft Press Conference Game Director Platinum Games Inc. Hideki Kamiya showed off the new trailer of ScaleBound.

scalebound-e3 (2)

“Prepare to see action at a whole new scale..”, said Hideki. These were strong words to kick off his presentation but the trailer of the new game did not disappoint.

The story of a lone protagonist fighting monsters, ogres and dragons in a magical forest is nothing new but after watching the trailer, i truly am excited for the game to release. If the beautiful graphics and adrenaline pumping music was not enough, you get to fight a 9 headed dragon.

The screens have been taken directly from the Spike Live stream, the trailer of ScaleBound can be found below.


There was not much revealed other than the trailer so we will keep you posted on any other news regarding ScaleBound.



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