SCEE’s Jim Ryan Talks About How EU Xbox One Delay Resulted In More PS4 Pre-orders, Gaikai and More

Jim Ryan is Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) executive vice president and co-chief operating officer. In a recent interview with a RTL News in Netherlands, Jim Ryan gave insight about how the Xbox One’s delay can bring PlayStation 4 more pre-orders. He also talks about the PlayStation 4 being profitable from day one in Europe.

In a question asked about whether the PlayStation 4 has been completely sold out, Ryan replied:

The level of pre-orders is real high. There will be some stock which is not set aside for pre-orders, but you’ll have to get up really early or stay up really late, depending on what your habits are, demand is very considerable.

Jim Ryan stated that since the Xbox One will not be releasing in the Netherlands this year, although it is releasing in several EU territories, the PlayStation 4 pre-orders went up.

Well, like I said, demand is extremely strong. And our plans were made a little bit more complicated when our principal competitor decided that they weren’t going to launch [in the Netherlands] before Christmas, so that obviously meant demand for PlayStation 4 increased.

We’re doing everything we can to step up, but everytime we try to increase production, the demand goes up.

When asked if the PlayStation 4 at the price point of €400 is profitable for Sony, Jim Ryan, smilingly, replied that at least in Europe, the PlayStation 4 is profitable from the start.

That’s, uh, top-top-top-secret information, uhm, but what I’d say is that Sony is, uhm, Sony is in difficult times at the moment and PlayStation is one of the pillar businesses that Sony’s leader, Kazuo Hirai, has identified as pivotal to sustaining Sony’s business, while he regenerates it and restructures.

And therefore it’s really important that across our ecosystem that we generate cash and profitability.

The €399 price point, which I’m really thrilled about, allows us to to do that.

The interviewer asked about why it is so ‘thrilling’ to launch the PlayStation 4 at a €399 price point, Ryan replied:

I launched the PS3 seven years ago at 599 euros. I decided I never want to do that again.

So, to be able to come to market seven years later, 200 euros cheaper, is great. And also to be 100 euros cheaper than our competitor, whenever they come to the Netherlands, that’s also great.

When the interviewer asked that since PlayStation 4 games are playable on the PlayStation Vita, is it possible to see the same happening with smartphones, tablets, PCs etc, Ryan stated:

It’s not possible: it’s certain. We acquired a company called Gaikai a couple of years ago, which provides a cloud streaming service. Starting next year in North-America and soon to follow in Europe, we will start streaming PlayStation gaming experiences to PlayStation devices, but also to non-PlayStation devices: smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, televisions, blu-ray players.

When asked about if the streaming of PlayStation games will be limited to only Sony made products such as smartphones, TVs, Tablets etc, Jim Ryan said that they are aiming for a broader horizon.

No. We will stream to, obviously Sony products, but also the possibility to stream to non-Sony products is definitely on the horizon.

The interviewer also jokingly asked Jim Ryan why the PlayStation 4 is better than their competitor, the Xbox One, and not just in terms of the release date and the price, Jim Ryan replied:

Well, the releasedate and the price are definitely factors, because we will be in the market before Christmas and they will not. We have a 100 euro price advantage, compared to them. So these are, I think in the content of the Netherlands, the Dutch market and the Dutch gamer, these are important factors, but if you want me to talk about other things, I will, but I’d very much like to focus on the games.

We will have published on the PS4, between November 29 and Christmas, there will be 34 games published. Of which more than half will be available on PS4but will not appear on Xbox One.

This gaming line-up provides a very strong point of difference.

Jim Ryan also stated that the online service, when it was launched with the PlayStation 3, was only ‘basic’ and grew up to become ‘good’. The online service launching with the PlayStation 4 will be ‘good’ and will grow up to become ‘exceptional’.

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