Scott Rhode: Expect Plenty Of Surprises At PlayStation Experience, Talks About Shenmue And Sony Bend

Scott Rhode is the software product development head at Sony Worldwide Studios. He has a pretty important position at Sony Worldwide Studios just like Shuhei Yoshida. The upcoming PlayStation Experience event was recently announced by Sony and if the tweets of Scott Rhode are any indication, we can expect plenty of surprises at the event.

Scott Rhode talked about the #SaveShenmue campaign in a tweet recently pointing out how the fans have been persistent in their demands for a new Shenmue game.

Sure getting a lot of #SaveShenmue love over the last month. I’ll say one thing… you guys sure are persistent! : )

This doesn’t necessarily confirm Sony’s involvement with a new Shenmue but if we look back at the PlayStation 4 launch month, Sony’s Adam Boyes did mention in an interview to Kotaku that they have looked at the demand of Shenmue fans.


Scott Rhode was asked about Sony Bend’s PlayStation 4 project as well. While he didn’t confirm their appearance at the event, he did say that there are plenty of surprises expected at the event.

Glad you’re excited! No deets yet, but expect plenty of surprises. Oh yeah, Bend does rock. : )

Sony Bend hasn’t been confirmed as a developer that is present at the PlayStation Experience event yet, although Guerrilla Games are confirmed to be there so perhaps we can finally see the reveal of their PlayStation 4 exclusive open world RPG codenamed Horizon?

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