SCUF 4PS Competitive PlayStation 4 Controller Start Shipping Next Month

The Gaming scene has grown dramatically over the past years. A few years ago, playing a video game was just for fun and entertainment but now it has grown into something completely different. People are now able to make millions just by playing video games and post video of them playing the games on the internet or you could participate in tournaments and rise to fame by winning but to win you need all the right gear.

You can have a good headset, a good montior, etc but something that can give you the upper hand over your opponent is a well built controller. Back in May, SCUF posted a video on their YouTube channel where they revealed their SCUF controller for the PlayStation called the 4PS. The controller is like nothing seen before and it is a controller worth buying.

4PS Blue

The Scuf 4PS is very different from the standard PS4 controller. It has two paddles of the back called “Scuf Hook” which act as two buttons on the back of the controller. These paddles can be assigned as any other buttons on the controller. The Scuf Hooks allow players to use the function of the buttons on the face of the controller with having to take your thumb off the analog stick. This can be very helpful and it can save your life. The default functions of these Scuf Hooks are X and O but you can reconfigure the buttons by using the Scuf’s Electro Magnetic Remapping Key.

Along with the Scuf Hooks, fans can choose between concave or domed analog which are available in three different lengths. The Control Disc is something new Scuf has introduced. The disc is completely removable as it is magnetically attached to the controller and the disc provides more precision for D-pad users.

The Scuf 4PS will start shipping next month so you can pre-order your very own 4PS controller on Scuf’s official website.

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